Cleaning All the Things! What We Don't Clean at Home But We Should

POSTED ON June 29, 2021

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

In our last article, we talked about whether we might be overcleaning some of the items in our house, such as carpets, fabric sofas, sheets, and more. Now, let's take a look at the things we tend to overlook and forget about cleaning them sometimes for months at a time.

Table of contents:

The Remote Control

The remote control is one of the most interactive items at home. Everyone touches it and no one cleans it. Use microfiber cloths and window cleaning detergent to clean the remote control. Don’t spray anything directly on the remote control. Make sure to clean the hard to reach places like the space between the buttons.

Your Toothbrush

We use it every day to clean our teeth, yet we never clean the bristles themselves. Although we have to change them every month or so, we should also clean them once or twice a week.

Soaking them in vinegar is a great and inexpensive way to do so.

The Garbage Container

If you live in a house it’s almost certain that you have a garbage container in front of your driveway. It’s okay not to clean it every week, but you should clean it at least once every two months in order to avoid a bad odour coming from it.

So if you still haven’t done it grab your garden hose and give it a thorough clean.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can be very dirty. If you have them in your bathroom and it smells a bit funky in there, then it might be time to either wash them or if they are in a very bad state throw them away and buy new ones.

Because they are almost always wet, make sure to change them every couple of weeks. That way you will avoid mould building up

Door Mats

It might be the best way to accessorize your front door, but what happens when it’s dirty and worn out?

Your home ends up looking bad and dirty. Change the front door mat if it’s worn out and vacuum it if you like the way it looks. The rule of thumb is to vacuum it whenever you vacuum your house. That way you’ll ensure that you’ll have a clean front door and if you walk around your house with the shoes on, also a cleaner home.

The Plants in Your Home

The plants can get very dusty. In fact, this might be the reason that they aren’t looking healthy. Make sure that you dust them off every time you are cleaning your home. That’s the ultimate way to keep them healthy and fresh.

The Kitchen Sponge

One thing that is mandatory to know – Kitchen sponges are full of bacteria!

Cleaning it is not an option at all. Make sure that you throw away the old one and change it with a new one every five to seven days.

Your Smartphone

That same smartphone you use every day and that you leave on any surface is full of bacteria. Because of this, your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria. Once you get home, make sure that you wipe it with an antibacterial handkerchief. 

The Bed Pillows

Not washing the bed pillows is the worst thing that you can do. While you sleep on it, dirt, dust, and bacteria builds up and gets trapped inside. You should wash it regularly. That way you will both have a healthier place to sleep and prolong the life of your pillow.

The Computer

Depending on if you are using a desktop PC or if you like using laptops. Having a clean computer is mandatory.

The desktop PC should be cleaned every week. This includes the monitor, mouse and keyboard and of course the computer box itself. Make sure that you remove the dust. Also, bring your computer to a professional for cleaning in order to keep the machine healthy.

The Light Switches and Door Handles

Be honest. When was the last time that you cleaned the door handles and the light switches? If the answer is never, then you should start now. Most people overlook this area of their homes and they just never clean them.

Because it being one of the most touched areas in your home, you should keep it sparkling clean.

Hair Brushes and Combs

They constantly get filled with gunk and dirt. You should always remove the hairs and dust that gets in them and this way it will fill your hair with dirt and dust.

Bathroom Decorations

Bathroom decorations are a great way to give the space a more personal feeling. Make sure that you dust the decoration and clean beneath them. Dirt tends to build and it’s a lot moister below them.


In fact, overlooking places in your home is a bad idea. Make sure that you always clean everything, and clean it thoroughly. These places that we don’t pay attention to often hide bacteria that can be potentially dangerous to your and your family.