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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • Quality service with friendly and professional cleaners
  • Amazing Results
  • Evenings, weekends and holidays at no extra cost
  • Professional detergents and equipment
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Benefits Of Booking Our Regular Cleaning Service

Maintaining a tidy and clean home environment, Paul’s Cleaners are here to take care of your cleaning needs. We offer a special regular housekeeping service in Sydney for homeowners who need routine cleaning for their property. Regular house cleaning is a service that provides you with the flexibility to book professional cleaning on your own terms. The scheduled cleaning service provides complete customisation and is arranged to suit your specific needs.

Sometimes life gets in the way of household chores. For these situations, we offer a "catch up cleaning" service. It's designed to help you get back on track and maintain housework without a commitment to ongoing cleaning. A perfect solution when we're in the middle of a busy season at home, and it's time to reset and refresh the cleaning with a one-off session.

  • Flexible booking: Schedule your regular housekeeping sessions the way you want.
  • Customisable service: The service is based on priorities, specific requirements and tasks.
  • Personalised experience: The same housemaid will tend to your home chores each session.
  • Won’t have to worry about cleaning: Dedicate your free time to yourself and your loved ones, we will do the cleaning for you.
  • An ideal solution for keeping your home clean at all times: With us, your home will always be perfectly clean and tidy.


Weekly Cleaning$45
Fortnightly Cleaning$48
Catch Up Cleaning$48
Minimum for regular cleaning services is $115 for 2h of cleaning. Minimum for catch up cleaning is $130 for 2h of cleaning. Detergents & equipment are not included in the price/rate.

House cleaning checklist:


  • Dust/wipe surfaces (shelves, wardrobe exterior, etc.)
  • Clean mirrors & fixtures
  • Cleaning of floors (if carpeted, vacuum only)
  • Empty bins
  • General tidy up
  • Make bed/change linens upon request at an extra cost


  • Clean mirrors & fixtures
  • Dust/wipe surfaces
  • Clean toilet, shower, bath and sink
  • Clean floor
  • Empty bins


  • Dust/wipe surfaces
  • Dust/wipe worktops, cupboards (from outside)
  • Clean sink and taps
  • Wipe microwave from outside
  • Wipe oven from outside
  • Vacuum and mop the floors
  • Clean mirrors
  • Empty bins

Living areas

  • Dust and wipe surfaces
  • Cleaning mirrors & fixtures
  • Cleaning of floors (if the room is carpeted, vacuum only)
  • Empty bins
  • General tidy up

Create a Housekeeping Cleaning Checklist

No matter if you hire a maid for a day, weekly service or complete house cleaning services on a regular basis, the domestic housekeepers in Sydney will tend to your cleaning needs in accordance with your specific requirements. The hourly regular cleaning service is based on priorities. Giving your housekeeper a checklist of important tasks will guarantee you that your home will be well maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to change the day and/or time of my cleaning. How should this be done?

You simply need to contact us via phone, chat or email 24 hours prior to the service.

What happens on bank holidays?

We are available at the same regular prices. If you ‘d like to skip a visit on a bank holiday simply contact us, preferably 48 hours in advance.

I would like some extra hours just this week, how can this be arranged?

Yes, absolutely. Just let us know when and how many extra hours you’d like and what needs to be done within that time; please list your priorities.

Who provides the cleaning materials and products?

We are happy to use yours, however, our domestic cleaners are able to supply everything needed to perform the service.

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