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One-Off Cleaning & Spring Cleaning Services in Sydney

Paul’s Cleaning Sydney offers one-off cleaning services for, both, residential and commercial clients, who are searching for a one-time maid service or a quick cleanup.

Who can benefit from a one-off cleaning service?

One-off cleaning cabinet in Sydney

  • One-off cleaning is a service that incorporates a spring cleaning or seasonal cleaning, or a general home refreshment
  • It’s great for clients, who wish to try out our cleaning services before they book a regular house cleaning.
  • It’s also recommended before or after home celebrations, after parties and other events that would require a one-time cleanup.

The service is tailored to the client’s needs and it is based on exact priorities. This means that the cleaners will comply with a list of tasks and requirements given by our clients. One-off cleaning can address the entire property or can involve the cleaning of specific areas, depending on your preferences. The duration of the service is determined upon arrival and after the cleaning crew performs an inspection, hence, it depends on the workload. If you need your patio or deck cleaned as well, consider combining the one-off cleaning with our pressure cleaning.

What does our one-off cleaning in Sydney include?

  • Upon arrival, the cleaning team will inspect the premises and let you know of the estimated time for completing the job.
  • The service is conducted on an hourly basis. The cleaners comply with priorities, checklists, and specific requirements you’ve set for them.
  • At the end of the service, the cleaners will ask you for your opinion on their job performance.

The one-off spring cleaning can include cleaning of: cupboard doors, skirting boards, sinks, toilet, shower, deliming and descaling the bathroom tiles, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and wiping off surfaces.

To get a complete cleaning of your home, you can combine the one-off cleaning service with deep oven cleaning and have your windows cleaned from the inside and outside by booking a window cleaning service along with the one-off cleaning.


Paul's Cleaning Sydney Alice Pensley -
Your spring cleaning service is great! I've been very busy with work lately and if it wasn't for your cleaners I don't know how I would have handled all the...
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Jane Alston -
My home is ready for the upcoming spring thanks to your cleaning service. The guys you sent really knew what to do and they did it perfectly. True...
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Tamara Bates -
You guys did a really good job cleaning my kitchen. The cleaners were quick and did everything I asked for. I've already recommended you to my neighbours.
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Frankie Goldsmith -
Paul's Cleaning is the best cleaning agency I have ever hired! No hidden charges and amazing staff - that's their secret!
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Madeline -
We were very pleased with the service. This was our first clean and we will be happy to continue if this standard is maintained.


What if I want my fridge to be cleaned?

You can request fridge cleaning as a separate service. Speak to our customer care representatives for more information on the service.

Can you clean my walls and ceiling?

We can clean your walls upon request. This is a separate service that’s not included in the one-off cleaning you should ask about when booking.