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Benefits of Booking Pressure Cleaning

Jet Washing and Pressure Cleaning services

Paul’s Cleaning Sydney provides a specialised pressure cleaning for multiple types of exterior surfaces. We can clean all types of surfaces. Whether you require cleaning at home or at your business property, we can do it all. The cleaners will use modern high-pressure cleaning equipment that is designed to wash multiple outdoor surfaces.

Private homeowners and business property proprietors can benefit from the service. Have mould and mildew, moss, algae, dust, dirt build-up, graffiti and construction residuals successfully removed from your outdoor areas.

  • Free quote with no obligation to book
  • No extra charge for weekends, evenings or public holidays
  • Great discounts when combined with our other services

Types of surfaces that can be washed with a Pressure Cleaner

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Sidewalks
  • Garden paths
  • Garden furniture
  • Exterior walls

If what you want to be cleaned is not listed above, and you’re not sure if it can be pressure washed, contact us now and we will do our best to advise you.


What to expect from us

The cleaning team will arrive promptly at your premises and set the equipment by connecting it to an external or internal water source.

Appropriate drainage is required, in order for the service to be carried out.

The specialists will clean the surfaces with water, jetted out under high pressure, ranging from 750 to 2000 psi.

This is an environmentally friendly method for cleaning exterior hard surfaces, which is also effective in terms of time and cost.

For indoor flooring, check our hard floor cleaning services.

Benefits of Booking Pressure Cleaning

Benefits of Booking Pressure Cleaning

  • Extends the lifespan of your outdoor hard floor surfaces
  • Your outdoor area will be in good condition
  • Keeps your outdoor areas free from germs and bacteria
  • Environmentally-friendly method of cleaning
  • Less effort, high value

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the high-pressure cleaning methods leave any marks on the washed surface?

The technique does not damage the surface in any way and leaves no marks or scratches.

If I require exterior walls being pressure washed, does the method pose a risk to my windows?

The cleaning experts are very experienced and will make sure that the water blast does not touch your windows. Our employees are comprehensively insured against damages.

Is pressure washing suitable for cleaning garden furniture?

Yes, depending on what type of material your furniture is made from. Do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with us and we will readily advise you on the best cleaning solutions for you.

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