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Take a Look at the Reviews that Paul's Cleaning Sydney Gets!

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Melissa Parker -

    Thank you for cleaning my driveway and washing my house’s exterior. I will recommend you to all of my friends!

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Olivia Bradley -

    There were some nasty grease stains which I couldn’t clean by myself. The guy you sent, though, really knew what to do and now my oven is cleaner than ever. Thank you very much!

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Frankie Goldsmith -

    Paul’s Cleaning is the best cleaning agency I have ever hired! No hidden charges and amazing staff – that’s their secret!

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Gregory Gibbs -

    Had someone told me how good Paul’s cleaners were, I would have called them much sooner. Thank you for the hard work, mates!

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Victoria Rogers -

    Excellent service. Your cleaners did an amazing job. The floors haven’t had good cleaning for ages and now they look simply astonishing as if they’ve been just installed.

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Martin Freedman -

    Awesome service! My BBQ is clean and ready for the upcoming summer. Thank you, guys! You rock!

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Jay Stones -

    I have used a number of cleaning companies around Sydney, but none of them offered me such great value for my money! The offices in my company are spotless, so thank you very much for the great help.

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Adrian Hill -

    I never enjoyed cleaning my gutters and thanks to your company I will never have to do it again. Ever. Thanks for sending such great guys to my house. They did everything perfectly! Will definitely call you again.

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Stephen Lowe -

    I’m really impressed with the way your cleaners managed to deal with the stains on my mattress. Very good service.

  • Paul's Cleaning Sydney : Tad Evans -

    Nice work guys, thanks a lot for your help! Barbecue season is back on… 🙂


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