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Professional Post Builders cleaning services in Sydney

Ensuring safety and cleanliness is paramount for newly constructed or renovated properties. After all the hard work and effort put into building or renovating a property, it's crucial to have a professional cleaning service that can handle the task efficiently.

That's where Paul's Cleaning Sydney comes in. With years of experience cleaning construction sites, our professionals know how to handle the job cost-effectively and efficiently. We provide comprehensive after-builders cleaning services suitable for all kinds of properties.


Experience and Expertise in Cleaning Construction Sites

After a renovation or construction project, rely on us to clean up afterwards. We have been cleaning construction sites for years and know how to handle the job cost-effectively and efficiently. The after builders cleaning, we provide is fully insured. Since this is an all-inclusive service, we must inspect the property to determine the hours to complete the job and give a proper quote.

We organise a free viewing on-site for a newly built property if the job is small (usually after renovation cleaning). Also, we can give an approximate estimation and organise a viewing to give you a cleaning quote onsite. Our team of experienced builders and cleaners in Sydney brings their detergents and equipment, so you don't have to worry about providing anything.

Our availability is 7 days per week, including weekends and public holidays, with no additional prices for those days. Hiring professional builders’ cleaners in Sydney ensures the property is clean, safe, and ready for occupancy.

Whether you have a residential or commercial property, our after-builders cleaning services can cater to your needs. They will leave the property spotless so you can move in immediately. Overall, if you need reliable and efficient after-builders cleaning services in Sydney, look no further than Paul’s Cleaning Sydney.

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  • We bring our detergents and equipment.
  • Availability 7 days per week
  • No additional prices on weekends and public holidays
  • Professionally trained and experienced cleaners
Our Comprehensive Construction Cleaning Service Includes

Our Comprehensive Construction Cleaning Service Includes 

Our comprehensive construction cleaning service includes a wide range of tasks designed to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning process for newly constructed or renovated properties. When you choose our service, you can expect the following inclusions:

  • Our professional cleaners will thoroughly assess the construction site to determine the scope of work and develop a customised cleaning plan.
  • We will meticulously remove all dust, dirt, and construction debris from surfaces, floors, walls, and ceilings. Our team will leave no stone unturned in ensuring a clean and pristine environment.
  • Whether you have hardwood, tiles, or carpets, we have the expertise to clean and restore all types of flooring. We will vacuum, mop, or steam clean as required, leaving your floors looking their best.
  • We understand that cleaning requirements may vary depending on the scale of the building project. That’s why our post-construction cleaning services in Sydney are completely customizable. We recommend that a free viewing of the property be organised. We do this to give you the right and most competitive quote.
  • Our professional builders and cleaners have the tools and experience needed to perform a cleaning service to the highest standards in the industry. They have specialised in various after-builders cleaning services, such as window washing, tile and grout cleaning, pressure cleaning of outdoor areas, and upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Therefore, whether you are a builder, a property developer, or a homeowner, us after builders cleaning services in Sydney are designed to meet your specific cleaning needs. So why wait? Contact Paul’s Cleaning Sydney today and let us handle all your post-construction cleaning needs. Our builders' cleaners are ready to work and leave your property looking its best.


Key points about Paul's Builders Cleaning Sydney that set us apart.

Free viewing of your property: We offer a complimentary property viewing service, allowing us to assess the cleaning requirements accurately. This helps us provide you with a precise quote for our services.

Free quotes with no obligation: You can request a quote without pressure to proceed with our services. This gives you the freedom to decide whether our offerings are the right fit for you.

Affordable Rates: We understand the importance of affordability and strive to offer competitive and cost-effective rates for all our cleaning services. We aim to ensure you receive excellent value for your money without compromising quality.

Reliable service you can count on: We take pride in being reliable. Our team is committed to punctuality and efficiency, ensuring we arrive on time and complete the cleaning job to the highest standards. You can trust us to deliver exceptional service that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Discounts and Special Deals: Besides our affordable rates, we provide discounts on combined services and other special deals. These cost-saving options make accessing the cleaning services you need easier while staying within your budget.

Address Multiple Cleaning Needs In One Go By Combining Our Other Services

  • Gutter Cleaning: You can combine your after-renovation cleaning service with gutter cleaning, ensuring that your gutters are free from debris and functioning properly.
  • Carpet Cleaning: If you have carpets in your property, you can choose to include carpet cleaning as part of your after-builders cleaning package, ensuring that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and refreshed.
  • Duct Cleaning: Our services extend to duct cleaning, allowing you to have clean and properly functioning ventilation systems.
  • End of Lease Cleaning: If you are at the end of your lease, we can combine your building cleaning with an end of lease cleaning service to ensure that the property is spotless and meets the required standards.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: We offer upholstery cleaning as an additional service, ensuring that your furniture and upholstery are clean, fresh, and free from dirt and allergens.
  • One-Off Cleaning: Besides construction cleaning, we provide one-off cleaning services, ideal for deep cleaning before special occasions or events.
  • Oven Cleaning: You can include oven cleaning as part of your builders cleaning package, ensuring your oven is thoroughly cleaned and ready to use.

Builders Cleaning

After builders$70
Minimum callout fee - $300 for 4h of cleaning. Every extra hour is $70 per cleaner per hour.

Our After-Renovation Cleaning Checklist

We ensure a healthy and dust-free property. Our renovation cleaning includes, but is not limited to:

  • Professionally clean all internal areas, including:
      • Kitchen
      • Bedrooms
      • Living rooms
      • Laundry areas
      • Hallways
      • Staircases
  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms, toilets, bathtubs, showers, bathroom fixtures, and exhaust fans.
  • Deep cleaning of all skirting boards, wainscoting, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches, and sockets.
  • Polish all surfaces and woodwork.
  • Deep cleaning of all hard floors, railings, and balconies.
  • Professionally clean all windows inside and out, tracks, sills, and ledges, and remove leftover debris, paint, and plaster from window frames.
  • Ensure a healthy and dust-free property by removing dirt, dust, and unsightly markings left by paint or plaster.

At Paul's Cleaning Sydney, we understand the uniqueness of each renovation project. That's why we offer comprehensive builders cleaning checklist to ensure every corner of your property is thoroughly cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is after builders cleaning, and why do I need it in Sydney?

After builders cleaning is a specialised cleaning service that involves the removal of debris, dust, and other construction materials from a building site after a construction project has been completed. After builders clean in Sydney, you need to ensure that your newly built or renovated property is ready for occupancy or use. This service helps you to eliminate any safety hazards, improve indoor air quality, and enhance the appearance of your property.

What does the after builders cleaning process in Sydney involve?

The after builders cleaning process in Sydney involves thoroughly cleaning the entire property, including removing any construction debris, dust, and dirt, cleaning floors, windows and doors, sanitising bathrooms, and kitchens, and removing any stains or marks.

How long does an after builders cleaning take in Sydney?

The duration of after builders cleaning in Sydney depends on the size and condition of the property.

Why should I hire professional builders cleaners in Sydney?

Hiring professional builders cleaners in Sydney ensures that your after builders cleaning is done thoroughly and efficiently. Professional cleaners have the experience, expertise, and equipment to clean up construction sites quickly and safely. They can also help you save time and money by providing quality cleaning services at an affordable cost.

Are the builders cleaners in Sydney insured?

Yes, all of our cleaners in Sydney are insured.

Can I book an after builders cleaning service in Sydney on weekends or public holidays?

Yes, you can book an after builders cleaning service in Sydney on weekends or public holidays. Professional cleaning companies like Paul's Cleaning Sydney understand that clients may require cleaning services anytime and are available to work with your schedule.

What is the cost of after builders cleaning services in Sydney?

The cost of after builders cleaning services in Sydney varies depending on the size and property condition, the level of cleaning required, and other factors. Contact Paul's Cleaning Sydney for a customised quote based on your needs and requirements.

What is the difference between off-cleaning and After-builders cleaning?

The one-off cleaning is a service suitable for deep/spring cleaning of the property to maintain it in good condition. On the other hand, after-builders cleaning suggests cleaning the property after refurbishment, after renovation works or if the property is newly built.

Can I book after-builders cleaning if the builders are not done with the work yet?

We recommend the after builders cleaning to be carried out after the tradies are gone. We can’t ensure the best possible results if there is more construction/renovation work while we are cleaning or after the cleaning.

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