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Better Air Quality at Home with Paul’s Duct Cleaning Service in Sydney

Duct Cleaning Service in Sydney

The duct system is the lungs of your home. Regular duct cleaning and maintenance ensures that your family is breathing quality air.

Paul’s Cleaning Sydney provides you with reliable and quality service. The cleaners are some of the best in the field. They are qualified, experienced, and insured to service a wide range of cooling, heating, hybrid dual-fuel and split systems, as well as clean all types of AC units. The technicians use a modern cleaning equipment and tools to execute the service to the highest industry standards.


  • Improves system efficiency
  • Reduces the ambient noise of the ducts
  • Reduces the risk of allergies
  • Less need for repairs
  • Odour & dust count control

What’s Included in the Service

We employ specialised equipment to service the following elements of your duct system.

  • The air return system (the return ducts)
  • The supply duct lines
  • The main duct trunk line
  • The AHU (air handling unit)
  • All elements and electrical parts, like fan blades, duct register grilles and the main unit motor, heating and cooling elements, as well as the filters
  • The entire system is sanitised

Note: The duct cleaning technicians can provide only maintenance clean for your ventilation system. The portable and compact equipment, they use, is not suitable for removing large objects from the ductwork system. Major blockages require a duct repair service.

Why Choose Paul’s Duct Cleaning in Sydney

  • Most affordable duct cleaning solution on the market
  • Unlimited in time service with guaranteed results
  • Free sanitizing of your ductwork applied to every vent
  • Simple booking process

How We Do It

  1. We will begin by inspection your property and air conditioning system. For each duct register, we will remove the grill, insert the pressure hose, place the service cover and plug the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Once we turn the system on, you will be able to see how all the particles, from inside the duct line, get removed.
  3. When we turn off the system, we will wipe clean the inlet entry, grill cover, and deep clean any integrated particle filters.
  4. Finally, a sanitizer is applied in each duct line to ensure that your home is protected against allergens.

Our duct cleaning service is designed to improve the operation of your home ventilation/heating/humidity control system. It also enhances the air quality in your living space by removing all the accumulated dust and hard-particle buildups from the duct lines and the system elements. The special sanitiser, applied at the end of the service, helps prevent the system from becoming an environment for mould and dust mite growth and thus, for allergen levels to increase.


Paul's Cleaning Sydney Madeline -
We were very pleased with the service. This was our first clean and we will be happy to continue if this standard is maintained.
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Mike Williams -
Many thanks for all your hard work. I had been putting off that unpleasant job for weeks, and I never expected to find someone who could offer a thorough oven...
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Oliver Halloran -
Great service. You came on time and left everything clean.
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Martin Oliver -
I just want to say that I am very satisfied with your service. Your cleaners did everything as I wanted and now my rugs are really clean and smell fresh. Thank...
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Olivia Simpson -
I never knew my curtains could be so clean. Great service at a great price. Highly recommend.


Q: Do you service commercial ventilation systems?
A: Yes. Paul’s Cleaning Sydney provides duct cleaning services for most types of commercial ventilation/heating systems. Please, give as much details as possible to one of our customer service representatives and you will be provided with advice on the duct cleaning solutions that are available to you.

Q: The main unit of my duct system is located on the roof. Is this a problem?
A: We can service units, which are installed on roofs of one-storey buildings only.

Q: How often should I have my duct system cleaned?
A: We recommend that you have your home ventilation system professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Q: Is this a messy job?
A: No. All the dirt and grime comes out of the duct lines in a controlled manner, where each duct outlet/inlet is connected tightly to the respective duct cleaning equipment and through to the containment unit. There is no risk of cross-contamination as the rest of the duct registers are sealed, while each duct line is being serviced.