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Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney by Paul’s Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney provided by Paul’s Cleaners. The service includes tested and effective techniques for stain removal. As well as, general deep upholstery cleaning that protects the fabric of your sofa and chairs.

Get your mattress, sofa and chair upholstery refreshed and sanitised with a professional upholstery cleaning service in Sydney!

Benefits You Get By Booking Upholstery Cleaning:
Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney

  • Prolongs the life of your Upholstery
  • Different cleaning methods based on the fabric of your upholstery
  • Free stain pre-treatment
  • Free aftercare advice from an expert
  • Discounts when booked with other services

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Service
  • Professionally trained and experienced cleaners
  • Affordable rates
  • No additional prices for bookings on weekends and holidays
  • Easy booking methods

Types of Upholstery Cleaning We Offer

We provide hot water extraction, dry or leather cleaning depending on the upholstery type. The upholstery cleaning experts will inspect your sofa and chairs. Then, determine the most suitable cleaning technique for their fabric. We treat each furniture piece differently depending on its condition and specific maintenance requirements.

The service beings by inspecting the fabric of the upholstery and choosing the most suitable cleaning method. Followed by pre-treatment of any stains. Then cleaning the upholstery and leaving it to dry. The drying time is from 2-6 hours. Depending on the fabric of the item.

Leather sofa upholstery cleaning

  1. We’ll test the detergents on a small, hidden area.
  2. Then, we’ll apply a foam cleaner by hand with a soft brush.
  3. We’ll wipe off the foam with a clean, white cotton cloth.
  4. A leather protector will be applied to the upholstery.
  5. The leather rejuvenator will dry out for about 1-2 hours.
  6. Crack filler will be applied if it matches the leather’s colour.
  7. Ink stains will be treated with a special solution.

Pros: The leather of your sofa will be treated according to its specific type. The cleaners will do everything in their power to restore it to its original condition with the help of specialised equipment, leather protectors, and cleaning solutions.

Suede and velvet sofa upholstery cleaning

  1. We’ll inspect the upholstery and test the cleaning solution on a small spot.
  2. Stains will be pre-treated with the proper detergents.
  3. We’ll apply a powerful liquid solvent with high pressure and infuse it deep into the fabric.
  4. The solvent will be extracted along with the dirt with the help of a commercial cleaning machine.

Pros: The process provides a gentle, yet, powerful cleaning for delicate fabrics. The high-pressure cleaning will work deep into the fabric. It will sanitise and refresh the upholstery of your sofa and chairs.

If the sofas in your office need cleaning, we can do it along with our office cleaning services.

General Mattress Cleaning in Sydney

It’s a certain fact, that every used mattress contains bacteria, dust mites, fungi and many other harmful elements in potentially dangerous amounts. We use a tested 4-step process, which provides high quality and long-lasting results for each mattress cleaning session. It includes:

  1. Mattress cleaning by Paul's Cleaning SydneyInitial inspection, in order to determine the proper cleaning method.
  2. Vacuuming of your mattress, using a high powered vacuum with a special HEPA filter to remove dead skin cells, dust mites and their excrements and other unpleasant contaminants.
  3. Application of a mattress cleaning solution, which kills germs and dust mites. The solution is well scented and it will protect your mattress from bacteria for the next 6 months. We also apply a mild stain remover on areas which require it.
  4. Removing the excess solution and preparing your mattress for usage.

In addition: If the mattress is heavily stained and the regular treatment is ineffective, we also apply hot water extraction and other high powered stain removing techniques.

Steam upholstery cleaning

The couch steam cleaning is a process that infuses the fabric of your upholstered sofa and chairs with hot steam under high pressure. It simultaneously extracts it along with all the accumulated dirt.

Takeaways: Hot water extraction removes any trace of grime, bacteria, pollen and dust that’s been accumulated inside the upholstery. Your upholstery will be left slightly damp and will dry up on its own for 2 to 6 hours depending on the fabric type and seasonality.

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Paul's Cleaning Sydney Michael Raiseclaw -
My sofa really needed some cleaning, but I certainly didn't expect to be cleaned that well! Totally exceeded my expectations.
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Stephen Lowe -
I'm really impressed with the way your cleaners managed to deal with the stains on my mattress. Very good service.
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Sayraphim Clauborne -
Don't rush at throwing your old upholstery as I was about to do. Call these guys instead. I am amazed how well they clean my leather sofa. Outstanding!
Paul's Cleaning Sydney Olivia Simpson -
I never knew my curtains could be so clean. Great service at a great price. Highly recommend.


Q: How long will it take for my upholstery to dry up?
A: If your upholstery has been steam cleaned it will dry up for about 2 to 4 hours during the warmer months, and about 4-6 hours during winter. Dry upholstery cleaning, on the other hand, will leave the fabric almost dried up so it will be ready for use soon after the cleaning.

Q: What if my upholstery gets damaged during the cleaning?
A: The cleaners are always extra careful when applying detergents and testing cleaning solutions. Yet, this service is 100% insured so you’ll be fully compensated if any issue occurs.

Q: Do you clean mat leather upholstery?
A: This leather type can’t be protected with a leather rejuvenator and tears out pretty quickly. Also, the colour of the leather will imminently change after the cleaning. This is why we usually don’t clean mat leather but we can make exceptions. Our customer care representatives can help you determine what’s the exact type of upholstery fabric.

Q: What service can I combine the upholstery cleaning with?
A: Booking upholstery cleaning with a specialised mattress cleaning or carpet cleaning, be it steam or dry cleaning, will save you time and provide you with an effective solution for both your carpets, mattresses and upholstered furniture.

You may also want to have your upholstered furniture thoroughly cleaned after some renovation project. If so, please consider combining the upholstery cleaning with our after builders cleaning services.

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