Carpet And Rug Cleaning Services in Sydney

Benefits You Get When Booking Professional Carpet Cleaning

Paul’s Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Sydney - great and affordable services you can trust! Using the most advanced cleaning methods, the professional cleaners will bring your carpets back to their prior glory. We deliver professional rug and carpet cleaning services that combine steam cleaning, dry cleaning, stain treatment and carpet fabric protection techniques to provide you with the ultimate solution for your carpets and rugs.

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  • Extends the life of your carpet or rug
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Makes carpets easier to maintain
  • Removes spots and stains without damaging the fabric
  • Prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria
  • Different cleaning methods based on the material of your carpet

How We Do The Carpet Cleaning

When the technicians arrive they will begin by inspecting the carpet or rug thoroughly. The carpet cleaners will see if there are any areas that need special pre-treatment and test the PH of any visible stains that require cleaning. Then the carpet will be vacuumed entirely before proceeding with the deep carpet cleaning.

Depending on the carpet’s fabric and the type of grime that needs to be removed, the team can clean your carpet or rug by using one of the following methods:

Steam Carpet Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction Method

With the help of a portable or truck mount carpet cleaning machine, the cleaners will infuse hot water into the carpet’s fibres under high pressure. The water will then be simultaneously extracted together with pollutants and bacteria. The hot water extraction provides an excellent cleaning of the fibres and requires 2-4 hours of drying time, depending on the textile type.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This cleaning technique is ideal for carpets and rugs of a delicate fabric. It is suitable for those, as it does not involve the use of hot water and it does not pose a risk of shrinking to the textile. We use this method in upholstery cleaning as well.

The dry carpet and rug cleaning method involves the use of powdered detergent, which is rubbed into the fabric with a rotating bonnet machine and then extracted with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

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Why Choose Paul’s Carpet Cleaning Sydney

  • Specialised cleaning, suited to your carpet’s specific fabric
  • Industry-power equipment that removes 99% of the bacteria
  • Anti-allergic carpet and rug cleaning that uses only natural detergents
  • Safe for pets, children and people with breathing difficulties
  • Same day service availability, weekends and holidays at no extra cost
  • Professional and friendly cleaners
  • Special offers and discounts when combined with other services
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Carpet Cleaning Checklist:

  • Moving of light furniture
  • Pre-inspection and defining the material of the carpet
  • Choosing the most suitable cleaning method
  • Deep Vacuuming
  • Pre-spraying the carpet to lose up any dirt and soil
  • Pre-treatment of any stains and dirty patches
  • Steam cleaning the carpet (using the hot water extraction method)
  • Cleaned areas will be deodorised (extra cost)
  • Average drying time is from 3-6 hours
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  • When can I schedule a carpet or rug cleaning service?

    We’re available on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. We can also take orders and conduct the cleaning in odd hours or the same day, upon request.
  • Should I move any furniture?

    If there’s heavy furniture under which you’d like us to clean, you should move it prior to the arrival of the team. Otherwise, we should be able to move small coffee tables, chairs and other light furniture pieces.
  • Is there a problem if I walk on a carpet that has just been deep cleaned?

    With the steam carpet cleaning method, 95% of the moisture is being extracted. The carpet will dry out completely in about 3 to 6 hours, depending on the type of carpet and the temperature in the room. It is fine to walk barefoot straight after the service has been completed. With the dry carpet cleaning method, walking on the carpet, immediately after it has been done, is absolutely fine.
  • What services can I combine the carpet cleaning with?

    You can combine this service with our end of lease cleaning or one-off cleaning. Light carpet cleaning is usually included in the bond cleaning and one-off spring cleaning but if you’re searching for a deep cleaning for your carpets and rugs or special stain removal treatment, you should book the two services separately. We also offer services for hard floor cleaning, for wooden and tiled surfaces.

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