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Cleaner Gutters - Safer House

Paul’s Cleaners in Sydney are here to provide you with professional cleaning of gutters of both, private and commercial properties.

The gutter cleaners have the expertise and the equipment to remove all loose debris and fallen leaves. We are here to take care of all your guttering needs.

Entrust us with your drainage system

Clean gutters allow the free flow of rainwater. Also, having your guttering system clean eliminates the risk of damage to the exterior of the house. Furthermore, insect infestation is another potential problem, which is naturally addressed with having your gutters cleaned.

For trouble-free work of your system we recommend booking our service once to twice a year. The cost of the cleaning is determined by the size of your property, how accessible your gutters are and their condition.

Why Choose Paul’s Gutter Cleaners in Sydney

Why Choose Paul’s Gutter Cleaners in Sydney

  • No extra charge for bookings on weekends and public holidays
  • Before and after-sale care
  • Affordable rates
  • Flexible booking methods
  • Fixed Price
  • Unlimited in time. We will stay as long as it’s necessary to efficiently finish the job
  • Attractive deals and discounts on combined services
How do we do it

How do we do it?

Paul’s cleaning experts will arrive promptly at the premises and inspect the gutters. They are fully insured and qualified to perform the service that comes with a proven guarantee.

We take safety very seriously. Not only ours, but your home’s safety is very important to us. That’s why the teams take all the necessary precautions.

The professionals will remove all leaves and buildup debris manually using a ladder, special gutter blower and scoops.

Your exterior drainage system will be thoroughly flushed and cleaned and you will be able to approve the end result after the service.

After the service, the leaves will be packed in bags and thrown in your bin. Keep in mind that unclogging of downpipes below the ground and cleaning of gutters with gutter guards are not included in the service.

The Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning

The Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning

  • Prevents water overflow leaking into the house woodwork, foundations and basement.
  • Saves up on costly repairs.
  • Prevents insect infestations and bacterial outbreak.
  • Detergent-free gutter cleaning approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be present on the day of the service?

If you do not have free time to be at home on the day of cleaning. Do not worry! As long as we have clear access to your roof and the water/electricity supply, you don’t need to be present.

Will the gutter cleaners need to go on my roof?

It's not necessary, the job is executed at ground levels with ladders. However, if the area is safe and accessible, the technician may go onto the roof.

Do I need to provide anything before the service is performed?

We need access to water and electricity.

Do you work outdoors in bad weather?

The gutters can be cleaned if there is a light drizzle. Downpours and strong stormy winds will prevent us from working outside. You will be advised to reschedule the service for another day.

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