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Advanced Hard Floor Cleaning Solutions by Paul’s Cleaning Sydney

Mopping alone is an insufficient hard floor cleaning method when it comes to providing adequate maintenance for our tiled or hardwood floors. Paul’s Cleaning Sydney offers professional cleaning services, which cater for all types of hard floor surfaces.

The perpetual contamination of our floors, at home or at the workplace, is mainly caused by spillages and dust accumulating over time, which turns into general grime buildup. A variety of pollutants cause the onset of stain formation. Hard soiling easily permeates through the grout. The result is dull looking and lustreless floors. Routine vacuuming and mopping are important for maintaining the daily hygiene of our interiors. However, resorting to professional floor cleaning on a regular basis is the key to extending the lifespan of hard surfaces. Moreover, employing industry-powered equipment is essential for maintaining floors and keeping them in good condition.

We specialise in a wide range of hard floor cleaning and restoration solutions in Sydney, which incorporate different methods, depending on the type of floor and the condition that is in. We are experienced in cleaning professionally hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, stone floorings and a variety of tiled floors.

What to Expect from the Hard Floor Cleaners in Sydney

What to Expect from the Hard Floor Cleaners in Sydney

The specialists arrive promptly at your premises, well equipped with the tools and detergents, required for the job.

  1. The floor type is assessed and the most suitable cleaning method is determined.
  2. The surface is thoroughly vacuumed.
  3. A special detergent is sprayed over the floor, after a patch test has been, first, performed.
  4. Wood floorings are cleaned and buffed with a special machine, which uses pad or brush drivers. The result is a rejuvenated and reconditioned hardwood surface.
  5. Tile floors are cleaned by using hot water, high pressure, professional detergents and machines. That would lead to dissolving all the dirt and grime from your floor.
  6. The surface is subsequently dried, if needed.
  7. Upon request, further floor protection is applied (sealants, impregnators, polish, wax, etc.)
The following services provide proven benefits for your hard surfaces

The following services provide proven benefits for your hard surfaces:

  • Tile and grout cleaning – The specialised deep cleaning service is designed to restore the fresh look of contaminated tiled floorings. The grout and especially relief tiles cannot be washed efficiently only with a mop. A high-end professional hot water extraction equipment is used to clean marble, granite, terracotta, ceramic and natural stone floors. The effect is disinfected and shiny surfaces again.
  • Floor stripping and sealing – Some unglazed floor surfaces require additional sealing and protection. Porous floor materials, like natural stone, provide an environment for pollutants to permeate the surface if it has not been treated with a sealer or an impregnator. A new sealant can be reapplied only if the old one has been stripped and removed beforehand.
  • Buffing – A special rotary machine is used to buff already sealed and protected floors. The technique helps in achieving that polished look and an attractive lustre. Tiled and wooden floors can benefit from this service.
  • Pressure cleaning – The method incorporates professional cleaning of mainly exterior surfaces, which are washed with a high-pressure cleaning machine. The powerful water blast removes almost any type of organic and non-organic matter, from algae, moss and mould to dust, salt buildup and graffiti. Concrete driveways; patios and decks; walls, fences and water tanks, etc. can be all pressure cleaned. The method enhances the surface and extends its durability. Read more about our pressure cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide anything for the service to take place?

No. The hard floor cleaning technicians will bring everything they need. Please, remove the furniture from the room that requires cleaning. The cleaners can assist you with moving light pieces of furniture only.

Will buffing smooth out a scratched wooden floor?

The procedure evens out small imperfections and cannot remove deep grooves on your hardwood floor.

Can I step on the floor straight after the service?

This depends on the type of cleaning or restoration method that has been used. A straightforward steam cleaning of a tiled floor can be used soon after, as almost all the moisture is extracted in the process. Whereas longer drying time is required if the surface has been resealed with a solvent-based sealer.

Are the cleaners insured?

Yes. The technicians are certified and insured against damages.

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