Top tips for an amazing bathroom

POSTED ON July 21, 2021

Everyone wants to live as luxuriously as possible but rarely do people work towards those same goals. We seem to have a distorted perspective of luxury. You do not have to have a golden toilet or a fountain inside of your bathroom in order for it to feel luxurious. If you feel grim entering the bathroom, it’s usually because you aren’t giving it enough attention. We are going to talk about all the ways you can make your bathroom feel like heaven without spending millions of dollars.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Elegant Colour Scheme

Colour plays an important part in how we present ourselves. Dimmer colours are better for a calmer setting, best used in the bedroom, while brighter colours are tied with a livelier atmosphere. The bathroom is no different. Being a place of relaxation, it’s best paired with neutral colours like white, beige, or blue to provide maximum relaxation inside of the room. The serene environment you find yourself in is a true show of luxury. Bolder shades and colourful shower curtains can stain this appeal, so be vary the entire room colour scheme and how it fits the desired atmosphere.

New Towels & Rugs

This is something that everyone can afford to spoil themselves on. Throw out the old worn-out and used towels that give off a feeling of atrophy. First of all, clean up the tiles and grout in order to have a sanitary foundation. Then lay down the fresh rugs so that you can always have a comfortable and serene feeling when going in/out of the shower. If you have an old and worn-out towel, odds are that you have forgotten the feel of a fresh and gentle towel to wrap yourself around with. Taking it a step further would be purchasing a towel warmer so that you will always have a warm towel on the ready (this is a life-saver during winter).

A Dose of Greenery

Incorporating house plants into the mix-up adds a cleaner and more dynamic environment. The benefits are countless, from literal health benefits to aesthetic ones, you can’t go wrong with plant life. It’s up to you where you want to place them. Hanging a potted plant from the ceiling to add a lush feeling of tranquillity and uniqueness or simply filling regular vases and placing them where possible.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with greenery, especially since it fits in great with neutral background colours! Make sure to not overcrowd your bathroom with plants, otherwise, it will turn into mosquito heaven and make the room look more like a greenhouse than a bathroom.

Adding a Spa or a Sauna

In all fairness, this is probably the most expensive addition to the bathroom in this article. But boy, is it worth it. Installing a sauna in your bathroom helps tremendously in achieving maximum relaxation. Taking a long and hot soak inside the sauna will feel like experiencing a rebirth. And all from the comfort of your own home. Not to mention the awe of your friends. With a sauna in your house, you will be more inspired to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the bathroom.

Scents for Relaxation

Scents are the icing on the cake for a luxurious bathroom. Evoking emotions, boosting relaxation, and relieving stress, aromatherapy is the easiest way to achieve all of these things. Scents like lavender, vanilla, strawberry are top picks for achieving a relaxing and serene atmosphere and are generally liked the most.

Adding a few scented candles into your bathroom mix will perfectly highlight its serene ambience while adding a unique freshness every time you enter the room (these can also be used elsewhere in the house). You can also get wax melts, as they tend to have a more durable smell.

Bathroom Maintenance Tips


The first step towards tranquillity is making sure you don’t feel immediately swamped when entering the bathroom. If you have any unnecessary hair products, toiletries, make-up, and any other whatnots you don’t use on a daily basis, store them or get rid of them! No respectful room will appear as a hoarding place.

Optimise storage

To follow up on the previous point. If you lack the necessary space to store all of your products and items, then you have two options: Get rid of the products or (preferably) add storage space to the bathroom. A well-placed basket or cabinet can be central to both the utility of the bathroom and it’ functionality. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal that it can provide if placed perfectly. You can even get creative and utilize large immovable objects. Consider putting some trays on the toilet for space efficiency. It can certainly fit some lotions, soaps, etc.

Minimise cleaning time

When we can, we avoid cleaning up like the plague. Rarely enjoyable, it requires thorough treatment in order to achieve results. It feels like you can never fully clean the corners between the floor and walls. That is why there is a life hack to this, it’s called suspending. By suspending the toilet, sink, and furniture, you are effectively removing all of the floor corners that are causing you so much trouble.

A similar method can be applied to the shower. If you replace the bathtub with a shower tray, you are cutting down on the occupied space. Although an even more hygienic solution to this would be a floor-integrated shower. This is heavily reliant on the efficiency of the drainage system that you have. Whether it’s a system that makes the water drain behind the wall via a built-in installation system or a system that simply prevents the accumulation of filth by draining the water through a small collector, both stand out as they allow you to have a shower uninterrupted.

These things help you minimize the amount of cleaning needed to maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom, but they do not eliminate the very act of cleaning. Cleaning will still be unavoidable. Luxury does not have to represent material value, entering your bathroom and breathing in while smiling is a perfect indicator of luxury of the mind. Cleaning up will make you happier, and relieves stress and anxiety. And isn’t that a luxury in itself?


It is imperative to maintain sanitation inside of the bathroom (and the household) for a multitude of health reasons. The bathroom is a place to clean yourself, it’s a bit harder to clean yourself in a place that isn’t clean itself, isn’t it? Thankfully modern technology has made it a lot easier to maintain sanitation. Most contemporary shower trays require little to no maintenance. Applying special enamel to bathroom surfaces to ensure complete smoothness prevents the build-up of dirt and bacteria. Flush plates and toilet seat covers also add a layer of sanitation. Possible elegant additions to the bathroom that offer both personal hygiene and room sanitation are bidet toilet seats.

Another important sanitation tip is to keep your bathroom as dry as possible. High humidity levels can cause problems such as mould, nasty smells and an overall nasty aura that a broken down and wet bathroom gives. We recommend that install a ventilation fan and if there is enough space, a dehumidifier as well. Also regularly check the condition of your plumbing with a specialist to make sure there aren’t any leakages or damage to your draining system.

Getting Rid of Waste

If you are attempting to make a luxurious bathroom, you have to have a place to dispose of disposals. Just placing a small bin or basket will suffice. If you are having guests over, this is ideal so that they can put their used towels in them.


We all want our rooms to look like five-star hotels, but the downside with this is those hotel rooms are often devoid of any personality. Our homes are special to us and you don’t want to feel as if you’re just visiting. So don’t design it to be faceless, add your personal touch to it. Make it yours.