Expert end of lease cleaning in Hmas Waterhen.

  • A 72-hours bond back guarantee!
  • Flexible schedule, 7-days availability!
  • Professionally trained and experienced cleaners!

Additional cleaning services to choose from with your end of lease cleaning in Hmas Waterhen

Gutter cleaning

Does the rental property need to have its gutters cleaned? It's always a good idea to go the extra mile in order to retrieve your deposit in full. Your gutters can be cleaned by Paul's Cleaning Sydney if they have become clogged. A reimbursement condition can be negotiated with the owner of the unit.

Mattress cleaning

Is it time to pay more attention to your mattresses? The team at Paul's Cleaning Sydney can assist you with that as well. With our expert mattress cleaning service, we will effectively remove all debris, dust mites, stains and odours from your bed pieces.No matter what type or size of mattress you have, we can clean it!

Tile and grout cleaning

If you want sparkling floors and walls, then you should book our tile and grout washing service. As well as restoring the original look of your tiles, we will ensure that any limescale, mould, and grime build-up is eliminated. Enhance the appeatance of your flooring with Paul's Cleaning Sydney!

Upholstery cleaning

We can clean any soft piece of furniture with our hot water extraction method. Hot water and a powerful cleaning product are injected into the sofa or armchair after a thorough vacuuming. After the soiled mixture is extracted from it, the furniture is left clean, fresh, and just a little moist.

Our end of lease cleaning process in Hmas Waterhen in detail

The vacate cleaning teams follow agency-approved cleaning checklists to deep clean your rental unit.

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen surfaces and worktops will be dusted and wiped clean by the professional bond cleaners. Additionally, the cupboards will be cleaned inside and out. Sinks and taps will be cleaned, electrical appliances disinfected, the oven will be scrubbed inside and out, and the bins will be emptied.

Bathroom cleaning

We're going to clean all the cabinets and cupboards in the bathroom. There will be a deliming and descaleing of the shower area, bathtub, and tiles, and a cleaning and sanitizing of the toilet. We'll dust and wipe down exhaust fans and vents, polish mirrors, and mop hard floors.


The floors, surfaces, mirrors, frames, and windows will all be cleaned and polished. Cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers will be cleaned inside and out, and floors will be mopped.

Living areas

In addition to vacuuming and mopping the floors, the end of lease cleaners will dust and clean all surfaces and built-ins such as wardrobes and cabinets. They will also clean the windows, sills, and tracks on the inside and remove cobwebs.

End of lease cleaning Sydney

Why trust Paul's end of lease cleaning in Hmas Waterhen

Choosing Paul's services for your vacation cleaning gets you more than just a quality cleaning service!

  • Easy booking procedures - You’ll get a free quote whenever you get in touch by phone or chat 24/7.
  • Affordable prices - You’ll pay a fixed cost that will have been quoted before your service begins without any hidden charges.
  • REA end of lease cleaning checklists - The cleaning team follows an agency-approved sanitation checklist to ensure every corner of the house is sparkling clean!
  • Advanced cleaning products - Professional cleaning equipment and high-quality detergents are used in the cleaning process to ensure top-notch results.
  • Commercial vacate cleaning - Paul's Cleaning Sydney provides commercial vacate cleaning services, too, suitable for offices and other types of business properties.
  • Non time-restricted service - The cleaning team will stay as long as needed to ensure your landlord is perfectly satisfied and returns your bond in full.
Why Choose Paul’s End Of Lease Cleaning In Sydney?


  • Are the cleaning supplies and equipment provided by you?

    Yes. Supplies and equipment are included in the price. All we need is running water and electricity.
  • As part of the service, will the oven be cleaned?

    We will professionally clean the oven, stovetop, and range hood. There will be no additional charge.
  • What is not included in the Standard EOL cleaning package?

    The following services are not included in the standard EOL package: spot cleaning of the walls, blinds wiping, and exterior window cleaning; Fridge cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, balcony, garage, and outdoor areas will incur extra charges. In addition, we can help you with a variety of services, such as handyman, pest control, gardening, and hard flooring.
  • If cleaner finish earlier or later than I booked, what happens?

    This service is not time-limited - we will stay on site until the whole property is cleaned as per your order. The service can take up to 3-4 hours for smaller properties, and 6-8 hours for larger ones. In any case, the final price is always confirmed before we begin the cleaning service. There may be a price adjustment due to the condition of the property and if it has not been properly maintained. If needed, you can add additional services that you missed when booking over the phone or online. Ideally, you should inspect the property before we leave.
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