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Additional cleaning services to rely on with your end of lease cleaning in Maroubra

Window cleaning

Ensure that both the inside and outside of your property shine! Adding a premium window cleaning service will ensure your windows are thoroughly cleaned by our professional team. A special extension pole which operates on purified water will be used to reach higher floors. There will be no streaks left on your windows after our experts clean them.

Carpet deep cleaning

The full amount of your security deposit has a better chance of being recovered if you request steam carpet cleaning at the end of your tenancy. If you do this, your landlord will be more likely to return your deposit without deductions. If the carpeting or rugs are overlaid with wall-to-wall carpeting, we can clean them dry or with hot water extraction.

Mattress cleaning

What is the best way to take care of your mattresses? You can also count on Paul's Cleaning Sydney for assistance with that. We will efficiently remove all debris, dust mites, stains, and odours from your mattress. No matter what type or size of mattress you have, we can clean it!

Tile and grout cleaning

This service provides a result that is unattainable with traditional cleaning methods or techniques due to the use of professional floor detergents and a high-pressure heat rinse. Tiles and grout are cleaned by applying the detergent and agitating the solution. After that, excess water is mopped up. Using this service will bring back the appearance of your tiled floor and prolong its life by preventing bacteria and germs from growing on it.

What’s included in our end of lease service in Maroubra

The expert end of lease cleaning team will follow the REA-approved cleaning checklist to guarantee your bond back!

Kitchen cleaning

A team will arrive at your location on the day of the service to perform the work. The first thing they will do is clean your kitchen. Sanitation is performed on appliances, and cupboards are cleaned inside and out. Additionally, the oven will be deep cleaned. A free refrigerator and freezer cleaning is available upon request.

Bathroom cleaning

The walls, floor tiles, shower screen, bathtub, toilet, and all fittings and fixtures of the bathroom are thoroughly cleaned using powerful detergents and solutions. Our cleaning crew also wipes down and polishes all mirrors, sinks, and other surfaces, as well as mops the floor.


The first thing we will do is vacuum your bedroom floors. We will remove cobwebs, dust and polish all surfaces. Individual fixtures and light fittings, skirting boards, mirrors, shelving, and light fittings will be paid special attention by the end of lease cleaning team. The floors will also be mopped if they are made of wood or tile

Living areas

Our cleaning services include dusting and wiping down all surfaces, cleaning mirrors, light fixtures, and vacuuming carpets. Clean all tiled floors, dust off the light switches, and mop the tiled floors with a cleaning solution.

End of lease cleaning Sydney

Why trust Paul's end of lease cleaning in Maroubra

We employ professional cleaners who are vetted, police checked, trained, and fully insured to perform your deep cleaning.

  • Bond back guaranteed - Should you notice we’ve missed something, we will send the team back to re-clean and secure your bond retrieval.
  • Oven cleaning included - For your convenience and peace of mind, our service includes professional deep oven cleaning, free of extra charge!
  • Key pick up upon request - Your local cleaners can pick up keys from another location near the rental address to make things easier for tenants and landlords.
  • All-week-round availability - You can make a service appointment for any day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
  • A thorough cleaning suitable for all - This service is suitable not only for tenants, but for landlords, real estate agencies and people selling their property, as well.
  • Commercial vacate cleaning - Paul's Cleaning Sydney provides commercial vacate cleaning services, too, suitable for offices and other types of business properties.
Why Choose Paul’s End Of Lease Cleaning In Sydney?


  • Are your fees based on the number of hours worked or per job?

    Our service is not hourly-based, but unlimited in duration. The team will stay on site until the property is clean. Prices may vary based on the layout of the property and any additional services you have requested.
  • As part of the service, will the oven be cleaned?

    We will professionally clean the oven, stovetop, and range hood. Additional fees will not be incurred.
  • Can you guarantee the highest level of cleaning?

    Yes. However, the property should have been properly maintained while rented! According to the requirements of most REAs and our experience as a professional cleaning company, we have created an extensive checklist. The service is 100% bond guaranteed. Stains on carpet that were not able to be removed after professional stain removal cannot be guaranteed.
  • Do you clean carpets as part of your service?

    Carpets are thoroughly vacuumed as part of the service. We can clean your carpets professionally using hot water extraction upon request. Combining deep carpet cleaning with end of lease cleaning always results in a lower price.
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