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Additional cleaning services to book with your end of lease cleaning in Padstow

Outside windows cleaning

The cost of this professional window cleaning service is determined by the number, type, and condition of the windows you need to be cleaned. We'll use a water-fed pole to clean high windows without ladders. A brush will move purified water across the glass panes in order to remove dirt, grime, and mineral build-up. Streak-free windows are achieved through natural drying.

Tile and grout cleaning

Give us a call if you need any help with cleaning your tiles and grout! Rely on our expertise to clean your tiled surfaces! We can remove limescale, mould, and grime effectively with using advanced cleaning solutions and equipment, while preserving the original glory of the flooring and walls.

Carpet cleaning

Our team of vetted cleaners will handle carpeted areas of the property with extensive expertise and industry-grade professional equipment. With our special cleaning techniques, the service is suitable for even the most capricious Persian carpets.

Mattress cleaning

When was the last time you gave your mattresses some special attention? We at Paul's Cleaning Sydney can assist you with that as well. All debris, dust mites, stains and odours will be effectively removed by the mattress cleaning sollutionservices we offer. You don't need to worry about the type or size of mattress you have, we can clean it!

Our vacate cleaning process in Padstow in detail

Property buyers and sellers alike can take advantage of our end of lease cleaning services.

Kitchen cleaning

In the first step, the bond cleaners will sanitise the kitchen appliances. We will thoroughly clean the oven, stovetop, range hood, and splashback, as well as the oven's interior and exterior. Surfaces such as shelves and countertops will be dusted, wiped, and polished. In addition, sinks, taps, and tiled surfaces will be cleaned inside and out.

Bathroom cleaning

We will disinfect and descale the shower area, bathtub, shower screen, and tiles. There will be a thorough cleaning and decaling of the tiles on the walls and floors, as well as a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the toilet, sink and mirror. A mop will be used to clean the floor after the cupboards and cabinets have been cleaned.


Your floors will be vacuumed and mopped by the vacate cleaners. In addition to dusting all surfaces, they will clean wardrobes and drawers inside and out. Also, every window sill and window track will be cleaned, every door, doorframe, knob and light switch will be cleaned; skirting boards will be cleaned and cobwebs will be removed.

Living areas

As a last step, the technicians will clean any built-in wardrobes and cabinets, as well as the general living areas. All skirting boards, blinds, light fixtures, and railings will be wiped down and dusted. Windowsills and interior windows will be cleaned. A vacuum will be used on carpeted floors and a mop will be used on hardwood floors.

End of lease cleaning Sydney

Why choose Paul's end of lease cleaning in Padstow

Your end of tenancy cleaning experts will handle any specific instructions or requests in advance.

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning methods - We use industry-grade detergents, which are environmentally friendly and safe to use around both children and pets.
  • Fully equipped team of professionals - All end of lease cleaners are friendly, skilful and experienced professionals, who undergo regular quality control checks.
  • Easy booking procedures - You’ll get a free quote whenever you get in touch by phone or chat 24/7.
  • Reliable customer service team - If you have any queries or concerns, related to your service, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful customer care representatives.
  • All-week-round availability - Schedule your end of lease cleaning service for a weekend or even for a public holiday at no additional charge.
  • Industry-grade cleaning products and tools - Professional cleaning equipment and high-quality detergents are used in the cleaning process to ensure top-notch results.
Why Choose Paul’s End Of Lease Cleaning In Sydney?


  • Do you provide the cleaning equipment and materials?

    Yes. A complete set of materials and equipment. We would only need electricity and running water.
  • Can you guarantee the highest level of cleaning?

    Yes. The rental property should have been properly maintained while it was rented out. Based on our experience as a professional cleaning company and the requirements of most REAs, we developed a comprehensive cleaning checklist. Our service is bond-guaranteed. If carpet stains cannot be removed with professional carpet cleaning, we cannot guarantee their removal.
  • What is your working schedule?

    We offer our services 7 days a week, even on holidays. Booking can be done online or by telephone at any time.
  • Does the service include carpet cleaning?

    As part of the service, carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed. If you request it, we can clean your carpets professionally using hot water extraction. When you combine carpet steam cleaning with end of lease cleaning, you always get a better price.
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