Affordable end of lease cleaning in Daceyville.

  • Free re-cleaning option in the first 72 hours!
  • Convenient service - same day, weekends and holidays availability!
  • Experienced and insured move out cleaners!

Additional cleaning services to bundle up with your end of lease cleaning in Daceyville

Tile and grout cleaning

A high-pressure heat rinse and advanced floor detergents provide a result that is impossible to achieve with traditional cleaning methods. Dirt and grime are loosened by our industry-grade solutions. A mop is then used to remove any excess water. Keeping your tiled floor germ-free and protecting it from bacteria and stains is what this service is all about.

Pressure cleaning

A sustainable, yet highly-effective and advanced jet cleaning system can effectively clean patios, decks, pavements, and driveways from mould, mud, and stains. No matter what type of material the hard surface in your yard is made of, we are able to spruce it up, whether it is natural stone, bricks, concrete, treated wood, or any other.

Carpet cleaning

Would you consider booking our steam carpet cleaning service, too, if you're leaving a carpeted rental unit? The carpet cleaning solutions we offer are of the latest generation. A hot water extraction cleaning method is used for synthetic carpets, while dry cleaning is used for rugs made of natural fibres. You can also protect the carpets for up to six months by adding Scotchgard carpet protection.

Upholstery cleaning

Don't waste your time with dreadful elbow grease! You can request professional upholstery cleaning along with your end of lease cleaning service from Paul, and we'll make sure that the soft furniture is given special attention. Your upholstery or fabrics will be restored to their original fresh appearance by removing debris, pet hair, and dust, as well as breaking down any stubborn stains.

Our vacate cleaning process in Daceyville in detail

The bond cleaning service is not limited in time, which means that the cleaners will stay on-site as long as needed to perfectly polish every corner of the property!

Kitchen cleaning

In order to ensure that no areas are missed, your cleaners will follow a checklist. We will clean and polish all surfaces and benches in your kitchen, as well as the oven. We will vacuum carpeted areas and mop hardwood floors if they have carpet.

Bathroom cleaning

Every surface in the bathroom will be polished by the bond cleaners. A guaranteed sanitisation service will be provided for all bathroom accessories, including the vanity, sink, tapware, toilet, shower screen, and shower, as well as the bathtub. Mouldy spots will be cleaned. Additionally, the floor will be mopped.


The floors, surfaces, mirrors, frames, and windows will all be cleaned and polished. Cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers will be cleaned inside and out, and floors will be mopped.

Living areas

All soft furniture and the floor will be vacuumed carefully. Whether the floor is tiled, wooden or vinyl, it will be mopped as well. We will dust and remove cobwebs from all surfaces, as well as clean light switches and fittings, skirting boards and door knobs.

End of lease cleaning Sydney

Why choose Paul's end of lease cleaning in Daceyville

There's nothing complicated about it! Our rental property, unit, and house cleaning services offer you a number of benefits.

  • Oven cleaning included - Our vacate cleaning solutions come with a deep oven cleaning service, free of charge, for your convenience.
  • 7-days availability - You can easily arrange your bond back clean for any day of the week, no matter if it's the weekend or bank holiday.
  • Industry-grade cleaning products and tools - We use the most effective industry-grade cleaning products, supplies and equipment to achieve the best possible results.
  • Services, not limited by time - Your assigned team will stay on-site as long as needed to complete all tasks from their move-out cleaning checklist.
  • Environmentally friendly detergents - Professional products from leading suppliers will be used to carry out your end of lease cleaning to achieve optimal results.
  • A thorough cleaning suitable for all - This vacate cleaning is ideal for tenants, landlords, real estate agencies, and for people buying or selling a property.
Why Choose Paul’s End Of Lease Cleaning In Sydney?


  • How do you calculate your fees? Do you charge by the number of hours worked or by the job?

    The service is not hourly-based, it is unlimited in time, and our team will stay on site until the property is clean. Depending on the layout of the property and any additional services you have booked, the price may vary.
  • Is the oven cleaned as part of the EOL service?

    The oven, stovetop, and range hood will be professionally cleaned. No additional charge will be applied.
  • What's not included in Standard EOL cleaning?

    Standard EOL packages do not include wall spot cleaning, blinds wiping, or exterior window cleaning. Separate charges will apply for professional carpet cleaning, deep refrigerator cleaning, balconies, garages, and outdoor areas. Additionally, we offer handyman services, pest control services, gardening services, and hard flooring services.
  • What are your working hours?

    We have teams available 7 days a week, including holidays. You can book online or by phone at any time.
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