The Ultimate Guide For End of Lease Cleaning In Sydney

POSTED ON July 28, 2023

Moving out? It can be a bit of a hassle, especially when it comes to end-of-lease cleaning. But don't worry; we've got you covered. This guide is designed to help tenants and landlords navigate the ins and outs of end of lease cleaning in Sydney, Australia. We'll explain what it involves, who's responsible, and how to prepare for it. Plus, we'll share our ultimate end of lease cleaning checklist to ensure nothing gets missed.

Ultimate guide End of Lease Cleaning sydney

All About The End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning, also known as bond cleaning or exit cleaning, is a thorough cleaning of your rental property when your lease ends. It's done to restore the property to its condition when you first moved in, as per the Department of Fair Trading's requirements.

End of Lease Responsibility

As a renter, it's your responsibility to leave the property in a clean and tidy condition. This includes everything from cleaning the oven to mopping the floors. But don't worry; we have a detailed checklist to help you.

Here's What You Need to Know:

In Sydney, Australia, the end of lease cleaning is super important because it affects the return of your rental bond – a security deposit you paid at the start of your lease. If you return the property in the same condition as when you rented it (minus fair wear and tear), you'll get your bond back in full.

Preparing The Rental For End of Lease Cleaning

Before you start cleaning/hire a professional cleaning company in Sydney, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Review Your Lease Agreement: Ensure you know any specific cleaning requirements outlined in your lease agreement.
  • Check the Property for Any Damages: You must fix whatever has been damaged during your tenancy - for example, broken windows/doors, damaged walls/tiles, stained carpets, etc.
  • Check Appliances: Ensure all appliances in the lease agreement are in working order. If any are broken, arrange for them to be repaired.
  • Carpets: You need to get the carpets cleaned professionally and prove this with a receipt.
  • Pet Owners: If you've had pets on the property, you may need to arrange pest control flea treatment service and make sure there is no pet hair throughout the property and on the carpets.
  • Amenities, Air-Conditioning Unit, Lights, Fans and Outlets: Check that all amenities are in working order and clean.
  • Garden: The lawn needs to be mowed, hedges trimmed, and there should be no weeds.
  • Garage and Driveway: If there are any stains, you must ensure the surfaces are pressure cleaned.
  • Meeting Expectations

    Professional end of lease cleaning teams are the ultimate solution for meeting your landlord's expectations, as, in general, they are the ones who work with real estate agencies. Besides the fact that expert cleaning teams tend to have a keen eye for detail, working with real estate agents grants a comprehensive understanding of the requirements property managers and landlords have and the areas that will be inspected per the final inspection checklists.

    Moving out may seem easy, but meeting the expectations of your landlord and the real estate agency for the condition of the rental requires additional stamina. While specialists in end of lease cleaningcan clean various surfaces and areas effectively, tackling everything on your turns into a challenge. Besides the expertise and professional experience, another advantage of the professionals is their cleaning kit.

    They come with professional-grade cleaning supplies, equipment, tools, and detergents. Most teams that do end of lease cleaning will be able to provide you also professional carpet cleaning. An end of lease cleaning service ensures tenants fulfil their lease obligations and maximise their chances of receiving their full bond back. For landlords, it's about providing the property is in top condition for the next tenant.

    Our Ultimate End of Lease Cleaning Checklist For Tenants

    We've compiled a detailed checklist to help you ensure every part of your rental property is cleaned correctly. This includes everything from the kitchen and bathrooms to the bedrooms and outdoor areas.

    Please note that when it comes to all rooms and areas - if the walls are dirty, they need to be spot cleaned; if there are any carpets in the property, they need to be professionally steam cleaned; if there are any blinds, they need to be wiped and cleaned.

    Note: Consider adding a video tutorial or a series of images showing how to clean specific areas like the Oven, bathroom tiles, or outdoor furniture.

    Kitchen Area

    As one of the most commonly used areas of the premises, the kitchen and dining area will accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. Here's what to focus on:

  • Clean the oven, stovetop, and range hood
  • Wipe down all surfaces, including bench tops and cupboards
  • Clean the sink and taps
  • Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer
  • Bathrooms

    End of Lease Cleaning Checklist For Tenants

    Bathrooms and Toilets can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew, so cleaning those in a detailed manner is essential.

  • Clean the shower, including the screen and tiles
  • Scrub the toilet inside and out
  • Wipe down the sink and vanity
  • Clean the drainage
  • Clean the exhaust fan and mirrors
  • Bedrooms and Lounge Area

    These areas may seem less daunting, but they still require a thorough cleaning:

  • Vacuum and mop all floors
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces, including internal windows, windowsills, and skirting boards
  • Clean any built-in wardrobes or cupboards
  • Laundry Room
  • Clean the laundry sink and under the sink area
  • Wipe all cupboards in & out
  • Wipe down the washing machine and dryer, if applicable
  • Amenities & Outdoor Areas

    If your rental property includes outdoor areas, they'll need some attention too:

  • Mow the lawn and weed the garden.
  • Sweep and hose down all hard surfaces.
  • Clean any outdoor furniture or BBQ areas.
  • Opt The Professional Cleaning Provider "Pauls Cleaning Sydney"

    While it's possible to do the end of lease cleaning yourself, hiring a professional cleaning service has several benefits:

  • Stress-Free: Moving out can be stressful, and cleaning an entire property can add to that stress. Hiring a professional cleaning service can take that burden off your shoulders.
  • Time-Saving: A professional cleaning service can do the job faster and more efficiently than you could.
  • High-Quality Cleaning: Professional cleaners have the tools and expertise to clean your property to a high standard.
  • Guarantee: Most professional cleaning companies offer a bond-back guarantee on the end of lease cleaning service. If your property manager isn't satisfied with the current state of certain areas or if something has been missed, you could call the cleaning company, and they will come back free of charge to rectify any issues.
  • Inclusions of Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service:


  • Cleaning the oven, stove, range hood, cupboards, benchtops, and sink, floor, internal windows
  • Additional Appliances like the dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator, if available, should be cleaned too
  • Bathrooms

  • Cleaning the toilet, shower screen, shower area, bath, and vanity
  • This includes descaling and mould treatment, where necessary
  • Extractor fan needs to be wiped
  • Bedrooms and Living Areas

  • Dusting and wiping all surfaces
  • Cleaning mirrors and windows
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Cleaning skirting boards
  • Removing any cobwebs
  • Laundry

  • Cleaning the laundry sink, taps, and surfaces and wiping over the washing machine and dryer
  • Outdoor Areas

  • Sweeping and mopping balconies or verandas, cleaning any outdoor light fittings and removing cobwebs
  • Additional Requirements to Consider for Guaranteed Bond-Back Cleaning

    While the above tasks are typically included in a standard end of lease cleaning service, additional tasks may be required based on the condition of the property or the terms of your lease. These could include:

  • Deep Cleaning of Appliances: A deep clean may be necessary if your appliances require more than a simple wipe-over.
  • Window Cleaning: While internal window cleaning is usually included, cleaning the windows from the outside may be required and will be an additional service.
  • Blinds: Blinds are typically dusted, but if they require a wet wipe or deep clean, this may be an additional service.
  • Wall Spot Cleaning: Walls are usually spot cleaned, but if they require a more thorough cleaning, this may cost you much more, depending on their condition.
  • Additional Cleaning and Maintenance Services

  • Carpet Cleaning: All leases require professional carpet cleaning. This is typically an additional service. However, it is often provided by the same cleaning team.
  • Pest Control: If you've had pets on your property, your lease agreement may require a pest control service. This is especially important if you've had pest issues during your tenancy.
  • Gardening: If your property has a garden, you may need to consider a gardening service to ensure it's returned to the condition it was in when you moved in.
  • Final Inspection of the Rental Property

    Once the end of lease cleaning has been completed, the property manager or landlord will conduct a final inspection. This is to ensure the property has been returned to the same condition as at the start of the lease; fair wear and tear are acceptable.

    If the property manager or landlord is not satisfied with the state of the property, they will send you the inspection report with all missed areas. Usually, you would be given a specific time limit to rectify those areas otherwise the property manager may claim some or all the bond to cover the cost of any necessary repairs or additional cleaning.

    Ready to organise professional end of lease cleaning? Reach out to our experienced team today for a free quote.