Professional end of lease cleaning in Chatswood.

  • 72-hours deposit back guarantee!
  • Flexible schedule and 7-days availability!
  • Reliable and fully trained vacate cleaners near you!

Additional cleaning services to benefit from with your end of lease cleaning in Chatswood

Outside window washing

Bring your property back to life! Our team of professionals will respond promptly when you request an expert window washing service. Using an extension water-fed pole, operated with purified water, we ensure your windows are smear-free. Our cleaning method is 100% industry-proven. Save both time and money by booking window cleaning with your bond cleaning!

Upholstery cleaning

Don't waste your time with dreadful elbow grease! The Paul's cleaners will ensure that your soft furniching gets special attention when you book your end of tenancy cleaning service. The original fresh look of your upholstery will be restored by removing all debris, pet hair and dust, as well as breaking down stubborn stains.

Mattress cleaning

Is it time to give your mattresses some attention? Our team at Paul's Cleaning Sydney can also assist you with that. The mattress cleaning services we offer will efficiently remove all debris, dust mites, stains and odours. It doesn't matter what type or size mattress you have, we can clean it!

Carpet cleaning

Do you also want the carpeting cleaned deeply? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our professional carpet cleaning session will thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs, removing any stubborn stains and odours. No matter what your carpet is made of, we have the appropriate equipment and expertise to handle it properly.

What our end of lease cleaning process in Chatswood entails

In order to accomplish all tasks on the cleaning checklist, move-out cleaners stay on-site until the job is finished.

Kitchen cleaning

A team will arrive at your location on the day of the service to perform the work. The first thing they will do is clean your kitchen. Sanitation is performed on appliances, and cupboards are cleaned inside and out. Additionally, the oven will be deep cleaned. A free refrigerator and freezer cleaning is available upon request.

Bathroom cleaning

Our team will clean the bathrooms, the toilets, and the laundry room. To deal with hard-to-remove limescale and mould build-up on walls, floors, shower cabins, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, special descaling solutions will be used. We will also wipe and polish the faucets and shower fittings. We will clean the mirror and dust the storage units.


The floors, surfaces, mirrors, frames, and windows will all be cleaned and polished. Cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers will be cleaned inside and out, and floors will be mopped.

Living areas

As a last step, the technicians will clean any built-in wardrobes and cabinets, as well as the general living areas. All skirting boards, blinds, light fixtures, and railings will be wiped down and dusted. Windowsills and interior windows will be cleaned. A vacuum will be used on carpeted floors and a mop will be used on hardwood floors.

End of lease cleaning Sydney

Why choose Paul's end of lease cleaning in Chatswood

Choosing Paul's services for your bond cleaning gets you more than just a quality cleaning service!

  • 72-hours guaranteed service - We offer a guarantee of 72 hours to ensure the retrieval of your security bond in full. Just contact us within this period if anything needs to be recleaned.
  • Friendly customer support - Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have a query and a helpful customer support agent will be happy to help you out.
  • Oven cleaning included - The service includes deep oven cleaning and polishing, made for your convenience and free of extra charge.
  • Commercial vacate cleaning - Paul's Cleaning Sydney provides commercial vacate cleaning services, too, suitable for offices and other types of business properties.
  • Affordable prices - Our end of tenancy cleaning price rates are fixed and based on the property size.
  • Advanced cleaning products - Professional cleaning equipment and high-quality detergents are used in the cleaning process to ensure top-notch results.
Why Choose Paul’s End Of Lease Cleaning In Sydney?


  • Are the cleaning supplies and equipment provided by you?

    Yes. Supplies and equipment are included in the price. All we need is running water and electricity.
  • Can you guarantee that the property will be cleaned to the highest standard?

    Yes. The rental property should have been properly maintained while it was rented out. Based on our experience as a professional cleaning company and the requirements of most REAs, we developed a comprehensive cleaning checklist. Our service is bond-guaranteed. If carpet stains cannot be removed with professional carpet cleaning, we cannot guarantee their removal.
  • Is the oven cleaned as part of the EOL service?

    We will professionally clean the oven, stovetop, and range hood. There will be no additional charge.
  • What is not included in the Standard EOL cleaning service?

    The following services are not included in the standard EOL package: spot cleaning of the walls, blinds wiping, and exterior window cleaning; Fridge cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, balcony, garage, and outdoor areas will incur extra charges. In addition, we can help you with a variety of services, such as handyman, pest control, gardening, and hard flooring.
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